Friday, 7 August 2009

Stating the bleeding obvious...

Great scoop by the BBC in obtaining slides of Bernard Gray's report on Defence Procurement.

That fact is it tells a tale that all serviceman can recite. The Defence Procurement Agency and Defence Logistics Agency as they once were, used to (and I believe still do) work on a policy of Just Enough, Just In Time. Of course how it actually worked was Never Enough, Never In Time. The organisation is a failure, always has been and unless it is privatised or rewrite procurement policy probably always will be.


  1. Can't agree with you on privatisation. The MoD has been captured by the "military industrial complex" - which has resulted in more being spent on useless, expensive equipment than on troops.

    Quite apart from the human interest angle, it has caused the government to break its covenant with the troops. Who would be daft enough to join the army, today?

    Privatisation has improved many of Britain's industries but I believe privatisation would only worsen this situation.

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